Curiosity has me regarding Chat GPT's Answer

I asked ChatGPT and yes, I understand it can be wrong, "How would I write an update script using Google script and’s API?

Amusingly it gave me the following:

To write an update script using Google Script and’s API, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Set up a Google Script project:

    • Open the Google Script editor
    • Create a new project or open an existing one.
  2. Enable the API:

    • Go to’s Developer page at
    • Sign in to your account.
    • Click on the “API Access” tab.
    • Click on the “Create API Token” button and generate an API token.
    • Make sure to keep the API token safe, as you’ll need it later.
  3. Install the API library in Google Script:

    • In the Google Script editor, click on the “Libraries” icon (it looks like a square grid).
    • Enter the library’s script ID: 1GfeZbDgKqEg5-6DaWNqqoP2XfX3y4E7VkakHyhZQ8y6xqYPpF03W3bn0 and click “Add.”
    • Select the latest version of the library and click “Save.”

…etc including a code snippet. Very helpful!

That library ID doesn’t work (darn!) My question is what is it talking about when it comes to “Installing the library’s script ID”? Is this library still a thing in 2023? If so how do I find out more about it? ChatGPT couldn’t give me more info so I came here to ask the monday people!

Like I said… curious to know as it sounds like a useful thing for me! I’m working on a project that is heavily based in Google App Script and Google Sheets currently and having a easy to use library for monday & Google Apps Script built in would make it much easier to handle!



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Hello @sdarby,

I have no experience using Google Script so I am not sure how it works or what is required there.

I can say that generally speaking, no libraries are needed for interacting with monday’s API. You could interact with it directly with Postman if you wanted to.

Let’s hope someone has some experience with Google Script!


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