Update Google Sheet with Data when a pulse is made

I’ve only seen a couple of tutorials for this on here. They were all too complicated for our needs.

I need a way to auto-populate a google sheets document with the column data from a pulse when a form is filled out.

All the workarounds are difficult for us to set up and our accounting systems are set up via google sheets and we have no plans to integrate our freelance accountant to Monday.com.

Can we get an easier way to populate a google sheets doc that mirrors a board when a pulse is made? That would make our lives easier. Right now we have to put data into two places and it takes up a lot of time.

Hey @MelissaFox

I feel that you are asking for an integration between monday.com and Google Sheets?

Yes! A google sheet that mirrors a board and updates a row with data whenever a new pulse is created would be amazing. We don’t need the google sheet to talk back, just something that automatically updates when something is added.

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Hey @MelissaFox

Have you tried Zapier for the time being?

I have, it doesn’t mirror a board structure and the data comes through with coding in one lump (see below) and in one column. I’ve reached out to them and watched all the tutorials and FAQs on how to set that up and we’ve had no success.

There is no way to have the column data update and mirror.

Which is why I am reaching out here - a plugin directly from Monday that mirrors the column structure and updates the rows with data when a new pulse is created would make our lives easier.

We aren’t developers, we don’t write code. All the work arounds are complicated and one of the main positives of Monday.com is that it’s user friendly for people who aren’t coders and integrating google sheets I am sure would make lots of your users happy.

Sheets would be amazing. It’s been my #1 request for months.

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