Custom App Board View Unavailable in Mobile App

Good day,

I am developing a custom application in React. Ideally, to be used as a board view.

The issue I am having is that, while the custom board view renders and works fine on PC, I get met with:

This feature is currently unavailable on mobile. Please go to desktop to use it.

However, using the exact same, identical code as a dashboard widget instead of a board view, allows for the app/feature to be used on mobile (testing done with the most recent version of the Monday app on iOS 16.6.1).

This is not ideal, as using a widget for my application feels clunky, and the scrolling is not intuitive. I was wondering if there are certain features that may restrict my application from being used as a board view, or if this is just the case with all React apps.

Any advice/info would be appreciated.


Yeah. The mondaydotcom mobile app doesn’t really support apps. I’ve asked for clear documentation on this but haven’t seen any yet.

In some places they work fine, but others less so.

Also you cannot open new browser windows to allow auth to external services in either the mobile or desktop app. This is another limitation — you just need to use a desktop browser.

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Hello there @liam_th,

Views are not supported in the mobile app at the moment.

I will check with the team about this dashbaord widget working in the app, but please take into account that you should not count on any type of view feature working in the app, generally speaking.


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Hi @Matias.Monday - hope you’re well! This comes as a surprise. I brought Liam in specifically to enhance our use of Monday in the warehouse…on devices! Can you point me to (or put together) some definitive documentation as to what is/is not supported for (Android) custom app development, and whatever is known for timelines for more enhanced mobile development?

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Hello @jsararas,

On general basis, any view feature (such as an item view, board view or custom object) are not supported. But of course I will now share this with our team so that we can add documentation explaining what is not supported in our mobile app.


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