Gantt View on mobile

Our entire team a little disappointed to find the Gantt view is not supported on mobile. We’ve built a lot of our forecasting on Gantt views and it just really sucks that we can’t use or view this on mobile, it’s just turned into a big road block for us

The Mobile App of does not currently support Gantt views. I want to be able to see my boards from the phone during transit or out of the office, or anywhere I don’t carry my laptop.

This would immensely help me, and other mobile app users.

This is a huge deal breaker for us as well. Our CEO considers this an absolute necessity to move forward.

I know it works on tablets and assumed mobile devices would be in parallel.

This is also important for us. We need our project managers to schedule our technicians and the Gantt chart is the best view to see the schedule for the day, and our project managers are on the road all the time and need to work from their phones. Can we get some more info on why this is not available for mobile yet?

Our team would also like this feature to be fast tracked. Are there any plans to make this request a reality?