New Gantt Chart for… awesome Gantt Charts!

I like the new overview very much, thanks guys!


@Eltjo Glad you enjoy it; nice looking view you have there!

Thanks. An average sprintplanning project for us :slight_smile:

Beside the nice looking Gantt Chart I just found out that the views are now shareable via a url. Again good stuff. Thanks for this update!

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Oh yeah, super cool feature. If you haven’t yet, check out the Viewers feature - really nice way to involve outside partners without allowing them to change anything.

I will, is this the same as the Broadcast view? If not I don’t see the viewers feature

It’s actually a new type of user, like standard users and guests.

Ah ok thanks, i’ll check it out. Are they invited like guests?


Yes, that’s correct.


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Here’s the article

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@Krishele Precisely, thank you! They’re invited like Guests, but they just have no ability to edit anything. Sort of like Broadcast view, but the opposite direction - they’re invited into the account to view things, instead of you sending them a URL for just a single board.

It would be great if you could see a link between the dependencies.


Hi @Spearhead - Would love to pass this feedback along, I want to make sure I understand; do you mean something more visual than the column that lists the row on which the other row is dependent? Maybe something like a color coded arrow?

Let me know your thoughts!


Yes, your idea is good, However, I was also thinking that a line with an arrow linking the tasks in the timeline view when Gantt is selected would be very helpful.


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Ah, I like it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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I would like to suggest that the dependencies would be shown in the timeline view. E.g. when task 2 is dependent of task 1, there would be a line connecting them in the timeline view. To go a bit further with this feature, it would be great to be able to link multiple items to on item, e.g. task 2 being dependent of task 1 and task 0.

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I have moved your post here @Matilda as it is related to this topic which others have been asking for!

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I agree.
It would be great if tasks could have multiple dependencies, with a line connecting them in the timeline view.