Custom Automation: Subitem updates -> Slack Channel

I found this forum post recently when searching for how to send notifications to Slack on subitem updates:

I can reproduce this state but when I try to select a channel, the UI tells me to connect Slack to get a channels list:

I’ve already connected Slack though? I have high-level task notifications working just fine in fact:

Is there some way I need to connect Slack that I haven’t yet?

Thanks in advance!

Alight I answered my own question:

  1. Click on “notify” link that is greyed out
  2. Click the Slack integration
  3. Accounts show up in “Channel” link
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@dyerrington yep, you got it! :slight_smile: :+1:

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Would you know how to get the “subitem” name or status to appear in the notification text? Seems like it only allows the parent item column features.

@dyerrington I actually don’t think it’s possible to use the subitem name in the notification…I know you can base a notification off of like a subitem status, for example, but I don’t think it’s possible to include subitem fields in the notification.

@BiancaT I believe you’re with, is there any way you can confirm this?


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Hey @tanner_elevate and @dyerrington :slight_smile: I am afraid Tanner is correct here - currently subitem values (i.e. the name and associated columns) are not supported in the notification message when using the slack integration. My apologies for the setback! That said, I’ll raise this with our developers and circle back here once I get a response :pray:

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Appreciate the help. I guess I could consider moving everything to groups but this seemed like the most obvious way to configure my projects and Slack.

I know you’ve spelled out the feature pretty well, but as a practical example of what this looks like:

It would be super cool to get this feature integrated! This would be an easy decision to move other clients over if we could have this feature :wink:

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Thank you! I appreciate your help! :pray: