Receiving slack notifications for subitems


I would like to receive notifications on Slack when a SUBITEM status changes. Is that possible at the moment?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Yes. You can setup a custom automation that will send a notification to a Slack channel when a subitem status changes:


Thank you Jim! But there’s no way to send the owner of the subtask a private slack message right?


Good question.

I haven’t tested it because I don’t have Slack. But users can turn on Slack notifications in their user profile:

You can get more info here:
Receive Notifications in Slack – Support

I would expect that notifications sent directly to users that have this turned on will see the notification in Slack.

If all else fails, Itegromat does have Slack integration.

In any case, I am very curious to know how to make this work. If you are interested, I’d be willig to help figure it out.


Thanks Jim ! Unfortunately this does not seem to support subitems :pensive:


If it works at all, I would expect that you could use that in conjunction with a custom automation to do what you’re looking to do:

Hey @AndreaD ~ Welcome to the Community! :wave:

As shown earlier, you can notify in a slack channel or direct message when a subitem status changes if you are using a Custom Automation to create the recipe:

To create a custom automation, follow the steps in this article: Build your own custom automation

Private channels are supported with our Slack Integration but with a stipulation! Due to changes in Slack, users must now add the app to the private slack channels they want to be displayed in


  1. Click on the details icon in your private channel
  2. Click more
  3. Click add apps
  4. Choose app


I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out to if you run into any trouble :slight_smile:


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