Custom dialog outside of item view iframe

Hello community,

I am building an item view. I would like to display a custom dialog outside of the iframe, I wasn’t able to find a suitable function in the monday js sdk. I did notice that an existing app, pandadoc, is able to have a dialog outside of the iframe as shown in this webinar:

Hi @fatih!

Thanks for your patience here. I agree that Pandadoc’s app looks very, very cool!

To start, I would suggest digging around in our Storybook here to find potential components that might work for you.

I’m also going to do some research for you to see if I can find exactly what feature they’re using. Thanks!

Hey @Helen,

Good to hear from you. I have found out this can be accomplished with the undocumented feature from the sdk openAppFeatureModal and it supports the following arguments for anyone else interested:


Url defaults to the iframe’s URL if not specified.

The function returns a promise, .then will be called when the modal is closed.

You can close the modal by calling the closeAppFeatureModal function.


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