iFrame app visible in Developer preview but not in project


I’m building a Board view using an iframe. Been working in the Developer preview page and things look good.

Yesterday I wanted to try to install it to my project, but instead of seeing my iframe in the board view I get a white page. How can I fix/debug this?

This is a blocker so help is appreciated!

Note0: App is published in Monday
Note1: I don’t see any warnings that does not show up on other working board view plugins from the market place.
Note2: The app works when I upload the zip

Okey, after a day of debugging I can finally share how to fix it if someone has similar problems in the future.

For some reason the route “/” was not loaded as default in Mondays iFrame setup. To solve this I had to use a catch all route for the initial render:
<Route path"*" ... />