Embedding board views in an iframe

I’m trying to embed board views into my company’s wiki, but it’s impossible to get it to display nicely. Is there any way to remove the border around the board view? Or to embed a single widget? Essentially, I have boxes within boxes, and it looks awful.

Hey @kmcdaniel! I am afraid it isn’t currently possible to embed a single widget, however this is great feedback you have provided. Additionally, the border will remain with the shared board view at this time, although I can understand visually it may not be most appealing - we will also share this internally. We did want to check that the relevant information is displaying correctly however, and the issue is regarding the format of the shared board views? :pray:

Correct. The board frames make the solution completely unuseable, I’m afraid. We’re going with another solution to track this information, which is a shame because we’re really trying to champion monday.com internally.

Sorry to hear this Katie :frowning: That really is a shame, and I will certainly be sure to relay this to the relevant department. I hope we can make an improvement to this feature, so we can avoid roadblocks like this in the near future :pray:

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