Custom integration recipe using external application webhook

I am trying to develop custom integration recipe for something happening in third party application which i want to integrate using its webhook.
Using which ,I would like to update the corresponding item in monday board, for which i want to have the dynamic board id,group id(context) etc…
To achieve this, I have tried using custom triggers by providing subscription url but unfortunately, My integration recipe is not activated(Add to board).
Any help would be appreciated.

I wonder if you have an error in the integration settings, that’s the first place I’d check.
I have integrations with custom triggers and custom actions, and I saw this button was disabled when I had errors in my inputs and outputs.

Thank you so much for the response but I think, I have taken the fields correctly.
Please suggest if there is any mistake.

what do your sentences look like, do they have references to these fields?

Yes they do have the reference, like I want the board Id from the context and group Id from the recipe sentence.