Customize chart widget colors

Hi community! Thank you for all the thoughtful feedback. The product team is looking into the different development and design requirements to better understand the effort needed to add the ability to customize chart widget colors on boards. At the moment, we do not have a a timeline for this feature, but are planning on starting to develop this feature in the future.

It’s disappointing that this feature request is outstanding for 3 years.


This really needs to be made a feedback, in order to have the dashboards be useful for any review.


At the moment, the team is finalizing the upcoming roadmap, which includes customizing chart widget colors. While we do not have an exact timeline of when the feature will be available in 2024, our community will be the first to hear know when the timeline is finalized so make sure to turn your notifications on the post. Here is how: How to turn on notifications for a post


This feature request is almost three years old, for something that should’ve been rolled out Day 1. At the very least, do you have a designer that can create a color pallet easy on the eyes? I’m forced to send my C-Suite gaudy reports with a Miami Vice/80’s vibe.



Are there any updates on this feature from the last roadmap prioritization session? It might be worth considering that a minimum viable product is to allow the end user the option to select ‘no color’ for now. I work for a Fortune 500 and can’t present anything live in table format to the C-suite with this limitation, or even allow them to export to their own spreadsheet or PDF. Attaching a screenshot for reference.

This is also sticking point for us and we can’t share the charts with our group because of inconsistent color in Bar, Chart and there is no manual picking of colors. Attaching screenshot for reference

The beauty of Monday is its simplicity, colour selection should be baked in from the very beginning. How are we going with this Monday?