Customize Status Column

Has anyone been having troubles with the “Customize Status Column” feature?

I am trying to mark a status as completed so it does not show up on the My Work view, but the pop-up to make that edit after going to the Three Dots → Settings → Customize Status Column will not show up. I am a board owner and have tried on multiple status columns, boards, different browser etc.

I’ve already reported this as a bug to support, but responses are very slow so wondering if anyone else is having this same issue.

Hey Kayla!

To confirm, you’re not able to save changes for which color status labels are “done”?

If so, yes, this is definitely a weird behavior that could be a bug so it’s good you reported it to our support team.

Let us know if you don’t hear back within the next 24 hours! Our apologies for the slow responses - volume has been really high this week.