Done Items do not hide in MyWork despite them being marked as Done

Done items continue to appear for myself and other users using MyWork, even tough they are marked as Done and the hide done button is ticked. The status for all boards is set to Status (i.e. Done/Working on it/Stuck default options). Any ideas what might be going wrong?

Hi @leonidas ,

For the items that are showing up on My Work you may want to check the status column settings on those boards. It sounds like some of the Done columns may not be indicated as done in the board settings. To check this see the screenshot and instructions below.

Status Column → Three Dots → Settings → Customize Status Column

Ensure that the done column(s) is checked on the boards you are having issues with.

Hope this helps!

You are a lifesaver! I had no idea it was not pre-set to some of the boards. It worked immediately. Thank you very much!

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