Choose which statuses to show in My Work

Currently, the only status option on the My Work page is “Hide done items”. I would love to see (included in the customize tab?). I know it gets complicated because My Work pulls from multiple boards, which could have different custom statuses. But the checklist I’m proposing could pull from whatever statuses would actually be present on the My Work page, for example. My company uses Discontinued as a custom status across all boards. I would like to hide Discontinued tasks from the My Work page, since it’s effectively just a specific form of “Done”. Currently, to remove them from My Work, I have to remove myself as the “person” on this task, which is less desirable because it’s nice to keep an archive of who was responsible for work, even if that work got discontinued. The point of archiving it as discontinued is to still be able to look back at who did what on that task. This could also be useful overall if I only want to view My Work for a specific status.

If I understood you right you can easily solve this problem. Just edit the status column in your boards so that the status Discontinued is a done status. Then you can hide all done status in My Work.


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