"My Work" Filtering status to only "working on"

I have individual project boards with a few hundred tasks per board.
Each board has the timeline loaded (from project start to finish) using dependencies and durations. Automations are set so when one item’s status is changed to ‘done’, the next item’s status changes to ‘working on it’ and the next item’s status changes to ‘up next’.

In “My work”, I can filter out ‘done’ items but it doesn’t look like I can filter to view other status options only. For example - I want to view only items with the status of “working on it” and ‘up next’, as some projects are on hold.

My issue is - it seems the only way to remove items from My Work for projects that are on hold is to delete the timeline for those rows/tasks. The way the scheduling engine works in Monday, there really doesn’t seem to be an easy way to add the timeline back for numerous rows. There use to be an automation that would allow this years ago but its been depreciated.

Any other work arounds here? `

Hey Kyle, I understand where you’re coming from here. Currently to filter out those specific items, you would need to remove the specific date column associated. I agree that this isn’t an ideal solution and will share this feedback with our team internally :pray:

I will keep you updated on their response!

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