Filter Status in "My Work" section

On "My work"you can hide completed tasks to reduce tasks.We have an option in status for “not applicable” is there a way of filtering this out aswell or if not could this be added as a feature

Hi @richpeers ,

In the board settings you can indicate any status as “Done”. If you do this, the My Work view will recognize that status as done. The only downfall of this is you will need to go into each board to do this, and depending on how many boards you have that may be a larger task.

To update which columns are “Done” see the screenshot and instructions below.

Status Column → Three Dots → Settings → Customize Status Column

Hope this helps!


Thanks @kaylak we have hundreds of boards so this would take along time.Are you aware of any other ways to do this?

Unfortunately this is the only way I know how to do this. Maybe another member of the community has an alternate solution

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