My Work page no longer auto-updates when I change status to Done

For the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that changing a task’s status to Done on the My Work page no longer leads to the item automatically being removed from the page. I have to refresh the page manually in order for it to be removed. Prior to this, the item marked as Done would drop off the page after a second or two when the status was changed to Done. To my knowledge, no browser settings have changed, but if it were due to browser settings, what would I be looking for?

Hi there! If you haven’t already, can you check your My Work settings and verify the “Hide done items” box is checked?

Yes, that somehow had become unchecked after more than a year of being checked.

But…Now that this is checked, items are only appearing on the My Work page if their Status has been modified. So any items that have not had their status modified to something like “Working on it” do not appear, even though they are assigned to me and on Boards/Groups that are being monitored for the My Work page.

Whatever happened that unchecked the box seems to have also changed the behavior of the My Work page so that tasks that used to appear based on Due Date, no longer appear until I manually go in and change their Status, which means I’ve been missing tasks!

I’d like to get this sorted out ASAP as it defeats the purpose of having a task management tool.

I totally understand wanting to get this sorted! When you mention that only items are appearing when their status has been modified, are you referring to items not appearing if they have the default gray label, or items that haven’t been edited in an extended period of time?

Yes, that’s the issue. Until recently, any item assigned to me would display on the My Work page, but since the same time that the other issue occurred (the checkbox getting unchecked to hide complete items), the My Work page only displays items assigned to me if the status has been changed from the default (no status) to some status like “Working on it.”

This means that I’m missing tasks that have been assigned to me and haven’t had their status changed from the default.

This is definitely not how the My Work page behaved for the last year or more. I don’t see any other options that could be related to this issue.

So for these missing items, as soon as you change the Status, those same items will immediately appear in My Work. Do I have that right?

I’m asking because My Work should show items with the default label, as long as those items are assigned to you and there are no other settings that could affect it:

With this in mind, how old are these items? Were they created recently in the past few weeks?

Also, can you let me know in what view are you viewing My Work? Is it the Date, Status, or another view? I put a Star icon in the above screenshot indicating what section of My Work I’ve referencing.

So I just checked again and found that when I uncheck the “Hide done items” checkbox on the My Work page, the items with default status appear. When I check the box to “Hide done items” the new items with the default status disappear.

So clearly it’s due to the “Hide done items” checkbox being checked. So the question now is, why are default-Status items being percieved as “Done” by the My Work page?

What should I be looking for?

Could you please go to the board related to these items and check the settings for the Status column? Specifically, can you check and verify the default label is not set to represent a done label?