Option to undo/edit after selecting "Mark as done" in My Work.

In the “My Work” tab, how do I undo “Mark as done”, if I want to see items with a given status after all? (this currently times out after 1 minute)

Additionally, can we get the option to “Mark as done” for a single item, without applying that same rule to all items with that status or from that board?

Hi @AmandaG!

Please correct me if I am misunderstanding however if you have not selected the option to hide done items then the item shouldn’t disappear or time-out? That said, feel free to elaborate further or send over a short screen-recording to help demonstrate the issue.

As for marking a single item as done, this isn’t currently an option but great feature suggestion!

Hi Bianca,
You are correct, I am able to unselect “hide done items”. However, because of the way my team uses status that means I need to display countless “complete” and “cancelled” items as well. Leaving me to pick between a very cluttered to do list (unselected) or risk missing items if I hide done items.

What I want/need is the ability to see and adjust which status are considered done