Filter "done" tasks

I am asking for a filter option to “show all except Done”

In my status column on a board, I would like to filter out all “done” tasks. One workaround is to move them to a group of tasks but I don’t want to do that (loses historical record). Oddly, you have programmed the filter only to allow selection from tasks, not the list of possible options in a status column. It also does not seem possible to use exclusion filtering either, like the “-” in front of words in a google search.

Here is an example:
Since I only have “Working on it” and “Done” for my active tasks, other statuses won’t show up if I filter by “Working on it”.

Hey @tiger

Thanks for reaching out here!

Are you looking for all except done just within one board? The status column options would be available for filtering if there are items on the board with that status. You could then select all but “done” from the filter options.

If I haven’t quite understood, would love some more information so I can advise further!


Selecting all the statuses except done (or Shift+“Done”) only works if there is a task currently under each status. In the example I shared, I would need to have active tasks that collectively contain the following statuses:

  • Stuck
  • Working on it
  • Waiting for review
  • Not started

Many times I only have “Working on it” or “Not Started” so I can’t select “Stuck” or “Waiting for review” when I do the filter. If someone updates the status to “Stuck” after the filter is applied, that task is now filtered out. The filter options are based on actual tasks, not the full template/status list.

Let me know if that helps clarify the issue. I can provide a detailed example if needed.


I fully agree with this. The filter needs to be dynamic, and let you choose how to filter before there are actual tasks using each status (in this example).

I often create fake items just to get a filter to work to set up a view that I need, and this makes the log on the board kind of funky.

Hi guys,

Ok got it now — I didn’t realize you were talking about saved views. I see the issue now. We’ll pass the feedback along to the relevant product team.

Thanks for sharing!