Filter on status appears to not be working (or I misunderstand filters)

I tried searching on this, but did not find a response. I suspect that my question is a PEBCAK issue.

I am trying to create a dashboard with what was completed in the last week. I started by trying to filter so that only completed items show up.

I added a cards view and then said that I wanted to filter on “Status” is “Done” or “All done”. I see nearly everything, including several where the status is blank.

So, I tried an advanced filter and added an “and” for “Status” is not “blank” or “working on it” or “stuck”.

I still see (nearly?) every item.

Additional info that might or might not be relevant. I am trying to apply the cards across most of the boards in the workspace. I tried getting rid of the positive and keeping only the “is not” part, and nothing changed.

Why is the filter not filtering?


I made progress. It appears that I have to set the filter individually on every selected board. How can I apply the filter to all boards at once?

More weirdness. I have 8 boards that are default permissions. But the filter only shows 7. Why is one board missing?

This was on the dashboard level selecting what boards to use.

Hey @kingham! Sorry to hear you were dealing with this! Were you able to find a solution for this? If not, shoot us a message at and we’d be happy to assist further! :blush: