Problem with filter feature

Hello everyone,

I used to manage some filters on a board and when I choose the filter normally it gives me some values next to the categories of the filter. Exemple here with the following screenshot I know that I have 3 “done” items and 2 “blank” items

I work with another collaborator that has a licence and the same rights and permissions than me, but when he choose filter he do not have the detail and count of each values as I do on my screen :
Screenshot 2021-04-20 14.10.54

Do you know where it can come from and how to resolve this issue ?

Thank you for your help, have a nice day,


Hi Corentin,

Do you know if the other collaborator has additional filters turned on? This could determine the count values on each Status column label.

Hello @samantha.david

Do you mean that someone else have been applying some filters on the board, and that is the reason why I can’t see any values ?

Thank you for your help,


Hi @corentin.dalfarra - I think your colleague previously turned on the Advanced Filters (v2) in monday labs, but may have an older version. When advanced filters were first released, turning it on removed the count that you see in the simple filter view. If someone has advanced filtering turned on, their filter UI will look like this on the basic filter option - (314) PG Sales & Marketing ...

I suggest that your colleague go to monday labs and see what they have activated for board filters. If they can’t turn the feature off and back on again, have them logout of monday, clear their browser cookies and cache, and then try logging back in. Failing that, see if support can help.

To get to monday labs, click on your profile avatar, then monday labs, then look for this: (314) PG Sales & Marketing ...

Hi @PolishedGeek

Thank you for your help, I will get in touch with my colleague and ask him to turn on and off the filter feature in the Monday Labs part.

Have a nice day,


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