Hidden status' on Filtered Views


We get a lot of utility out of being able to saved filtered board views, however I noticed that the filter panel only shows status’ that currently exist (which seems logical for normal use) but becomes burdensome for setting up saved views.

Here’s what the filter panel shows for this column:

But here is the total available status’ for this column:

Would it be possible to show all existing status’ in the filter panel (grayed out if not on any tasks maybe) so we can set up saved filter views without there being an existing task with that status?

In the meantime we had to use this work-around, which requires us to have sample tasks with every status:


I agree.
In general filters really need an upgrade.

  1. Filter by date range, less than <= etc
  2. Filter number range or value and new values are picked up
  3. Status’s should be all like is mentioned by @jasko

This would be extremely helpful. The workaround gets the job done but its not pretty having a “dummy” group with a pulse for each status combination.