How to filter by one status across several boards in the calendar widget when the boards don't have items with that status?

I have a dashboard set to view 9 boards (the task list for 9 team members). I selected the Top Group in each board and am showing the Week view. I want to then filter on those items that have status STUCK. Not all boards have items with STUCK status, so the filtering does not let me select it as an option, and therefore all items on that board are shown. I only want to see where team members are stuck this week.



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Hi @MarieBienk,

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when filtering on the dashboard there is a little dropdown arrow which allows you to select which board status you are filtering on. So you will need to go through each board and select the ‘Stuck’ status for each of the 9 boards.

As far as the boards which don’t currently have anyone stuck I would just create a fake item with that status so you can select on the filter. Save that filter to your dashboard and go delete your fake ‘stuck’ item.

now you should have a dashboard which shows all the ‘stuck’ items across all 9 boards.

hope that helps

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