Add filtering functionality to Board Updates dashboard widget

The Board Updates widget is a great addition to dashboard. I would like to also have the ability to filter on the updates just like with other widgets. Ideally the whole dashboard would update to match whatever is set in the filter. Right now the charts and graphs adjust, but the Board Updates do not.

+1 on this

I want to build a dashboard where the whole team can see all of the updates but I only want the team to see updates with a certain hashtag or by a certain person (for example, I want to hide the automation updates because they are needed per item but not for the whole team), or I’d like them to see only updates that contain a link or a piece of media.

Hi, I would like to know if it was possible to perform the mirror view.

We manage our bug board in Monday and I made a dashboard for account teams to see issues that affect specifically their customers, I’d like to be able to filter updates to make it easier for those account teams to see the most recent update activity only for the issues relevant to their customers.

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Surprised more people are not requesting this feature. I love the updates section but do find it tricky to report on currently. This would really help