Daily Export of Chart data with subitems

I’ve got a few challenges that I’d love support in!!

My items are sales deals. My subitems are the multiple deliverables with that deals, so each subitem has date x product x quantity, date x product x quantity, etc.

Here’s all we want:
---------- Product Product Product
Date Range Quantity …Q… Q
Date Range Quantity…Q… Q

1. Pulling the chart data
The Ops team wants an export of chart data that is built with dates and quantities in the subitems table.

I made a chart of that tracks quantities by sub-item dates, stacked by sub-item products. This works great, except they want it emailed to them every day. I tried Flatly, but subitems are all smooshed together in the data. And the Pivot table View doesn’t allow subitem columns to be the values of the pivot table, but I’m not fully undetstanding that view. Any suggestions using the pivot table view to get this result?

  1. Is there another way to recreate that chart data from the board data. Any suggestions?