Export data to Excel - include board & group name on each item?

Hello all. We have several boards in our Monday workspace which all contain similar data regarding client delivery requests and I want to export all of our data to an Excel file, where I can reformat, filter, etc. to my liking but have hit a major barrier which I’m hoping someone has a workaround to.

I created a new dashboard, linked all of our project boards to it and added a table widget to display the board contents. Exporting to Excel from the dashboard doesn’t offer the option to include/exclude subitems as it does when exporting from individual boards, and since our subitems contain drastically different data than the primary items (which I raised in the forum here: Feature Request: Export to Excel should place Task & Subitem columns in separate Excel columns) it makes sorting impossible so for this purpose I’d like to exclude subitems. This only seems possible from the individual boards which isn’t feasible due to the large number of boards we have.

More importantly, we need the board and group name that each item belongs to included on each item in the export rather than grouped by boards and groups, otherwise we need to manually add this info to each and every row in the Excel export, which is also counter-productive.

Is anyone aware of an integration, workflow, app, etc. which allows us to either export specific board contents in table form rather than what Monday limits you to with the “Export to Excel” feature, or a platform which can import from Monday via an API or other workflow?

Thanks all!