Export Data in unformatted excel that has all task/subtask data of the same type in the same column

When the monday boards export, the document is formatted with subtasks offset from tasks from a column perspective, which makes it so you have to reformat the data to pull it into other tooling so that all of the columns line up. It would be great if it would just export the data in one table so the data is easier to use on export. For tasks and subtasks, either having a task/subtask column to be able to identify the task type or having options for export to export only tasks or only subtasks/tasks without subtasks would be useful.

Also the ability to either export all boards or do a board selection instead of having to go to each board individually to export the data would be very helpful to save time when doing reporting every week.

Hi @jhplatt

you can perform such an Excel clean-up with our Exported Excel Cleaner app. The original exported Excel file from monday.com is being split into tasks (items) and subtasks (subitems), and distributed into different worksheets. Or you can download them as separated CSV files, and merge them afterwards in Excel to your needs. It’s even free for small teams.

Regarding the more advanced request to export all or at least selected boards, I can suggest our more sophisticated spreadsheet app – Spreadsheet Gorilla. Just turn all of your boards into spreadsheet templates and have them ready for export anytime, all in one place. Earlier this week, we even added automations that let you find your Excel files right in your inbox for further usage.

Let me know if you have questions or feedback.

– Markus from Gorilla Apps