Feature Request: Export to Excel should place Task & Subitem columns in separate Excel columns

Exporting a board/table to Excel introduces an issue where Task and Subitem columns are mixed together in the same Excel column. Since Tasks & Subitems in Monday can have different column names, they should each be exported to separate columns in an Excel file rather than mixing them.

I have attached screenshot examples showing how the 3rd column in both the Task and Subitem (which represent different data altogether) are both exported into Column D in the Excel file, creating immense confusion and making the Excel export unusable.

You will see in the screenshots, the 3rd column in our Task represents “File/Package Name” however the 3rd column in the Subitems represents “Recipient Email(s)”, however both are being exported into the same column (D) in the Excel file but the data is entirely unrelated.

Hey @JeffJewett!

Just so I can ensure I am understanding the situation correctly, is your request similar to that of this thread linked here, Remove Subitem Cell in Excel Export - #3?

Let me know!

Hi Bianca. No, this is not the same issue. That issue is in regards to a separate summary field being exported to Excel requiring the end user to delete it. My issue is with Subitem and Tasks columns being exported to the same Excel columns even though they do not contain the same data sets.

For example, Column #3 in a Task might represent a Client Contact Name, whereas Column #3 in a Subitem of that task might represent Client Email Address. Because these are both the third column in Monday, they are being exported to the same column in Excel, but should be exported to separate columns as their contents are not the same.



Thanks for clarifying this, apologies for my initial confusion! This is very strange and certainly not expected behaviour. I have tested this on my end and data within the parent and subitem have not been consolidated… Can you please test this in an incognito window and let me know if this behaviour persists?

Hi Bianca,

I’ve been using the standalone Monday app rather than a browser. And just to clarify further, it is not consolidating parent & subitem contents into the same cell, it is just exporting them to the same column number in the Excel file, which is problematic as sorting/filtering that column becomes impossible when the contents reflect multiple data fields from the Monday board.