Date format not customizable?

Hey everyone!
Since the recent quite useful update of the date column the format options are even more weird then before. The default format my boards have is “22 Sep.” for today or “22 Sep., 2022” for past years. The problem is that I want this year displayed too and if I go to “customize Date column” I only get 4 weird options all starting with “Sep…” or “Fri, Sep…” instead of a real format such as “2023-09-22” or at least “22 Sep. 2023”. Am I missing something?

It appears there is a bug in the new date column widget where it is ignoring your profile date settings.

So the USA doesn’t use real dates then? We don’t exist in the normal space-time of earth?

Got it, thank you Cody.

Just my personal preference for reality, I wouldn’t use MM-SS-HH either.