Add More Date Format Options

Hi everyone,

Like many of you in this community, I love; however, not having more Date Format Options is a major pain point for my team and me. I imagine it’s also a pain point for many users that use every day to schedule tasks and projects.

Some users might not even realize how much better it would be to have more date formats options. It’s just hard to think only in “name of month and day of the month” format (e.g. April 29) since most of us think of our weeks by the “day of the week” (e.g., Wednesday).

Also, not having a date format option with the “day of the week” in it (e.g., Wed Apr 29) for an app named is sacrilegious :slightly_smiling_face: jk Love you Team, but please add this feature.

My feature request is to Add More Date Format Options

I’m hoping the incredible dev/product team can make this happen in short order :slightly_smiling_face:

For example:

Wed Apr 29
(Three-letter day of week abbreviation, three-letter day of month abbreviation and day of the month)

For previous years it would be:
Wed Apr 29, 2019
(Three-letter day of week abbreviation, three-letter day of month abbreviation, day of the month and year)

Another format:
(ISO 8601 format YYYY-MM-DD)

There are many more date formats that users might want to use for their specific use case and context. Also, different countries use different date formats, so this would likely be helpful for users. Microsoft Excel has over 10 default date formats and you can create custom date formats as well.

Currently, there’s only one Date Format for the Date Column - for example:

Apr 29

You can add a time to the date - for example:

Apr 29, 09:00AM

For dates in previous years this changes to the following:

Apr 29, 2019
Apr 29, 2019, 09:00AM

There’s an option under Account > My Profile > Preferences > Date Format to modify the order - for example:

April 29, 2020 vs. 29 April 2020

(Although shows the full spelling of the month here it uses the three-letter month appreciation in the app)


I run a mid-size construction company, specifically a roofing company. I have 15 internal employees and 50 sub-contractors. I have four project managers that work in the field and a project coordinator in the office. They use to schedule and report on projects.

Use Case and Pain Point Overview:

Here’s a video that provides an overview of my use case and paint:

Given that a key use case of is scheduling and project management, not having more date format options is a major pain point. It’s also challenging for my team, in part, because the metal model people use for planning is days of the week.

What I mean by that is, most people can tell you what day of the week it is (e.g., Wednesday) if you ask them; however, many people would need to look at a calendar to know what the date is (e.g., April 29). Hopefully, everyone knows what month and year it is, but you never know :slight_smile:

In the iOS app, you can include the name of the day of the week, but then you also have to have the time with it and since you need to add it by the minute with the “date picker”, which IMO is a poor user interface:

I do realize that I can use a Calendar View or Timeline View of a board, but for me, and I would imagine for many users, the Main/Table (Default) view is the primary view used. I also know that on the web, I can click the date and the calendar pops up, but that’s clunky and doesn’t let me see all the dates at a glance.

Finally, since my project managers are field workers, they only use the iOS app, and they can’t click the date and have the calendar pop up as that’s not how it works in iOS. As mentioned, the date picker comes up.

The only workaround I could imagine is to create a text column beside the date column and manually type in the day of the week. However, that would be a pain and time consuming, especially since dates more around quite a bit because of the schedules change in construction due to delays and weather. I used to work at IBM, and managed projects and dates often change in that context as well.

Absolutely! We need this as well!

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In addition to having date formatting options available in relevant date columns in boards, this also needs to extend to how dates are selected within forms.

Ideally, I would think that the display of dates should be as selected in the user preferences, under My Profile.

Yes! Totally agree. More date formats in the boards and in forms would be amazing. Also more time, phone, and location formats! My use case would mostly be notifications. Using the Date ID Variable in the integration setup results in ‘YYYY-MM-DD’. Would love to at least see ‘MM-DD-YYYY’ and ‘Mon, Sept 7’, etc… Thanks for posting! @bd1234

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For us, there is not one guest or team member we have invited so far who has NOT asked me: “why isn’t the year showing for dates in the current calendar year?”

So i second the feature request in this post, namely to include more date formats; and i would further specify: please include at least a format which doesn’t omit the year for dates in the current year.


The year can be added to date columns using the column settings.

Does that give you what you need?

Wow. Yes, that’s exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!

never noticed it before. Was it added recently?




No, it’s not a new feature. I don’t remember it not being there during the past 18 months that I’ve been using the platform. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that are easily overlooked. :slight_smile:

Glad I could help, and that it meets your needs.

— Stephen

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YES it’s weird that this is not a thing already.

So the format, that is provided in the preferences don’t show up in my automated emails.
and I would prefer my emails to have the normal date for example
Your appt on Oct 20 2020 at 9am is scheduled

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This would be really handy for me too. The date formatting using the Outlook integration is so awkward and confusing!

Nope. I think for my ZAPIER to FINALLY work, I need the format to be read exactly as the format in zapier, 03/17/2021 for example. Please advise! nothing works in JSON format

Nevermind I do not know if that works either. I just changed it on my form to the same format style as monday and then tried to rezap. NOTHING WORKS unless I change the column type to text or whatever but then I loose the calendar :frowning:

I support this request, moreover, I’d also appreciate to get the possibility to format the date during the export of the board/group to Excel.
Today, the dates that are automatically set up by Monday, naming Creation log and Last updated are formatted like so during the export: mmm dd, yyyy hh:mm AM/PM, where a date set by the user (from the calendar) are displayed in this format yyyy-mm-dd
and a date defined in Monday via a formula FORMAT_DATE(WORKDAY({Start Date},{Days estimate})) will appear in a third different format: mmm dd, yyyy

Post processing such an export where dates do not have the same format need some efforts to adapt all formats to the same.

Maybe a setting in the Excel export dialog to define the export date format would work; let the user select the needed format from a list (and if the selection includes hours and the date does not, this could be replaced by 00:00:00).