Date/ Time reverting back after change

Hi all,

A few of my colleagues have been having an issue with the date/ time column. When they have selected the date and time in the column (property viewings in our case), they click away from the box to save it. Most of the time this is fine, but sometimes the date/ time reverts back to its previous state. This is not a connection issue, as it is shown in the activity log.

17:01 - date/time changed from 01/01/22 10:00 to 01/02/22 09:00.

17:01 - date/time changed from 01/02/22 09:00 to 01/01/22 10:00

Has anyone else experienced this bug?


Hey @TPL,

We are really sorry for the late follow up on this! We just wanted to check in and see whether this issue had resolved itself? To be honest, I myself have not experienced this error, so would advise reaching out to our support team via incase this is indeed an account specific bug :pray:

Morning Bianca,
I haven’t received further notifications from my team of this issue happening, but the number of bookings being made on the system have largely decreased. As no others have replied or reported the same it doesn’t appear to be a global issue so we will just monitor for now. I’ll contact the support team should it happen again.


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