Days Difference Formula - Works with a mood?

I’m using the following formula to calculate the days difference between today’s date and another date

{{floor(parseNumber(formatDate(now; “X”) - formatDate(“03/08/2023”; “X”)) / 60 / 60 / 24)}}

The formula works great for any date I enter, except dates on the first week of August !!!

I’d like to understand the problem, or get a better formula
Thanks for your help!

Solved, using parseDate inside the formatDate to set the format to DD/MM/YYYY.

{{floor(parseNumber(formatDate(now; “X”) - formatDate(parseDate(“3/8/2023”; “DD/MM/YYYY”); “X”)) / 60 / 60 / 24)}}

Have you got a simpler formula ?

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Hey Erez,

I am happy to check on this with our expert formula team. I will circle back here when I hear back :slight_smile: