Formula to calculate difference between two dates and then subtract from todays date

Hello @themondayman, I writing to see if you could help me with what I would consider to be a simple formula in excel that does not seem to work for me in Monday. I am first trying to subtract the number of days between two dates which gives me the value in days between those two dates. Then subtract the number of days remaining based on todays date. This will tell me the number of days I have remaining in my warranty. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hey @juztn24 - I can tackle this one and leave the more complex ones for the Formula Master (@JCorrell).

I am not sure why you would need to figure out the days between two dates and minus that from today? Could you not just use find out the difference between the Warranty End and Today?

If so, you could just use: ROUND(DAYS({Warranty End Date},TODAY()),0)

Hope this helps!

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@mark.anley, That was very helpful. I was honestly way over complicating it. Thanks for the support!!


Thats what were here for @juztn24!


@mark.anley good job! I wasn’t understanding what @juztn24 meant.

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