DAYS Funktion in Formula Column

Hi there,

When I using the DAYS function, I sometimes get red exclamation marks !! Calendar objects can be calculated without problems, but monday cannot calculate the combination of a calendar object and a formula object.
Dont understand why ? How can I calculate the difference between a calendar object and a formula object?



The {ILC} Field is a date calculated via a formula that is always given.

The {Heute} field is a calendar object that is also selected.


What do you mean by “calendar object”?


… regardless, it looks like the problem is that the function is not handling the “Okt.” properly.

Can you share the formula for that column?

Hi JCorrell,

By calendar object I mean the Date column, where you can select the date from the calendar.

Thank you for help !


Can you share the formula for the ILC column?

Hi JCorell, unfortunately I no longer have the previous code :frowning:

This topic can be closed. Maybe you can help me with this one:

Thank you !

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