Calculating months, days, years

I am looking for a formula that takes an employees hire date subtracted from todays date and tells me how long they have been employed in the form of xdays, xmonths, xyears , all I can figure out is how to calculate the total number of days.

Hi @Johnsa9 - while I could not get this working in a native monday Formula column, I was able to make it work with General Caster. Here is the formula:

DATEDIF(0,DAYS(TODAY(),{item’s Start Date}),“y”)&" years " &
DATEDIF(0,DAYS(TODAY(),{item’s Start Date}),“ym”)&" months “&
DATEDIF(0,DAYS(TODAY(),{item’s Start Date}),“md”)&” days"

@JCorrell - DATEDIF isn’t supported in monday, any thoughts on how to do this directly in a monday formula column?

Hope this helps!

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This will get pretty close:

INT(MOD(YEARFRAC(FORMAT_DATE({Date}), FORMAT_DATE(TODAY())), 1) * 12) & " Months " &
INT(MOD(YEARFRAC(FORMAT_DATE({Date}), FORMAT_DATE(TODAY())) * 12, 1) / 12 * 365) & " Days"

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Thank you! This worked exactly as I needed it to. I downloaded the Column magic app for another board and it worked for a second but now none of the columns are populating the formulas! I am not sure what to do.

Thank you! I like that general caster however I could only use it so many times in a month and I exceeded that.


Submit your information here and I will see if I can help.

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