Incremental Date Calculation


I have couple things that have me stumped.

I am trying to make a column to subtract a date from today’s date to see how many years have passed.

Second, I would like to setup a reminder for the following scenario: I have an employees table where i enter all employees. I enter their start date in a column, and I want to have a reminder that tells me when their yearly review is due. So somehow I need to calculate a review date that is set year later than the start date when I enter a new employee. Then as time goes on, it needs to keep incrementing in years so the review date would keep advancing for each year they are here. Any help would be appreciated.


The simplest way to calculate the difference between dates in years is to use the undocumented function YEARFRAC(). You can find out more about that function and other undocumented monday functions in my last video: monday Formulas - Part 4: The SECRET Functions - YouTube

This is how you would use it for your current request:


To accomplish your second request you could use a custom automation similar to the one below:

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