Deactivated User not showing up in Excel Export

Hey everyone,

there has been a post about my question already but with 0 replies (Export to Excel and deactivated users)

Basically my question is - is there any way at all to have deactivated users still show up in the excel exports?

Use Case is: We assign people to certain projects and want to evaluate the time spent on each project. Even if an employee leaves the company (and their monday account is deactivated), their overall entries are still visible, however we’d need it to still be possible to link those to the specific employee and be able to link the time spent on the project with the time they left the company.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Hey there!

I can also reproduce this on my end (deactivated users are not displaying on excel export) so have followed up with our product team internally to clarify expected behaviour here. I will reach out when I hear back :pray:

Hey @mlands,

Thanks for your patience with me! The team have confirmed that this behaviour is currently expected and a known limitation at this time. I apologise for the setback :pray:

I appreciate your understanding in advance!