Deadline automation date moving on to many months

Hi, Very new to Monday but we are trying to set a deadline automation.

Our text reads ‘When status changes to completed then push next deadline by 3 months and set status to not started.’

If the original deadline date is 7th December though, Monday is pushing the deadline to 7th April which is 4 months.

Any idea why it is doing this?


Hey Jamie!

Charlotte here from the monday team! :wave:

Hmm this is odd! It sounds like something our team would have to take a look at via screen recording or a Zoom call.

Reach out to us here so we can help look into why this is happening on your board!

Hi Charlotte,

I have tried the link but it wont let me request a call.

If we could arrange a call that would be great.


Jamie Street

Client Manager / Director
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