Date automation for more than just days

We have annual deadlines for certain projects, also ones that last up to 3 years.

I require a simple automation of When Status changes to Something, set date to date + 2 years. Or even 24 months would work.

I’m having to use formula at the moment so we have a date visible, however no notifications/emails/calendar entries can be made from those dates.

The closest I can find is set date to today + some days.

Hi @tiagarmonsway

There is an app in the marketplace (see that set either a date or a timeline relative to the time of the event. The app presents itself as an automation so it can be combined with any other automation.

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This is definitely closer to what I’m looking for. Though I feel this should be something already integrated in the current UI.

Also 10 days isn’t long enough access for us unfortunately.

Thank you though.