How to set date to a *specific date* based on status

Is it possible to create an automation, or some sort of formula wizardry so when I change a Status the date is set to a specific date.

The use case is effectively trying to use for an agile approach (which I don’t think it’s really built for TBH). I’m mapping the Status to ‘Backlog’, ‘Phase 1’, ‘Phase 2’, ‘Phase 3’ etc, and I’d like it to change the date to 30th Sept for Phase 1 (Q3), 31st Dec for Phase 2 (Q4) etc. Automation only seems to allow set to today or push by X days - which doesn’t help in this usecase.

Any help gratefully received!

I’ve got as far as creating a formula column to calculate the ‘push’ days from today to the date I want to set the “Date” column to… but it seems there is no way to reference a value in the automation… just put in a fixed number. Really frustrating. Hopefully I’m missing something obvious?


Two possible solutions are 1) a custom Make scenario and 2) General Caster. You can find out more about Make here: What is Make & How can it help you with monday? For more on General Caster, check out the monday marketplace.

Jim - The Monday Man (YouTube Channel)
We Create Custom Solutions
Schedule a 1-on-1 Tutorial Session (for monday, Make or “???”)

Thank you for these suggestions - really appreciated!

Same problem here! Crazy that setting a date other than ‘Today’ isn’t possible…