Is there a way to set formula to show a date?

In my board there are 10 different groups with each have their own timeline. As we change the status of the item, automation will move it from one group to another. I need to change the date as a result. All groups have different dates.

Is there a solution within Monday? or an add-on?

Hi @jennyvaz - when you say the date needs to be changed can you elaborate? Is it to a specific set timeline or is the end date pushed, etc? There may be some options depending on the requirement.


Each item has a Start Date & Status. Each Status is mapped to a Start Date.

Status = A, Start Date = 1 Nov 22
Status = B, Start Date = 11 Nov 22

As I change the status, I want to trigger a change to a specific Start Date.

Rght now, the date functions don’t allow that.

Hi @jennyvaz - I know you can use General Caster to create formulas and cast to Timeline columns on a column change.

There is a free plan depending on your required usage.


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ABSOLUTE GOLD! Thanks Mark!!