Decimal place in formula

Good afternoon all,

First post. I’m looking for some help. I’m looking to change the decimal placing that is in a Formula that I have. I would like to have it to two decimal places, not the three monday default at. Is there a way I can change this? If I try and add RoundUP it just gives me the red exclamation mark.

For clarity, this is my current formula:

SUM({Column A}/{Column B}*100)


Hi @Dalton
Hope all is well
This might be the solution you are looking for
Note you can change (ROUNDUP to ROUNDDOWN) if needed

Roundup to 1 decimals
ROUNDUP(SUM({Column A}/{Column B}*100),1)

Roundup to 2 decimals
ROUNDUP(SUM({Column A}/{Column B}*100),2)

Roundup to 3 decimals
ROUNDUP(SUM({Column A}/{Column B}*100),3)

Hope this gives you what you need
If there is anything in addition I can help with just let me know
Many thanks Dan