SUM formula not adding decimal places

I have a formula that adds multiple columns numbers together and displays the total.
currently if 2 or more columns contain decimal places then the formula fails.

"£" & TEXT(SUM({Column1}{Column2}{Column3}), "##,###,###.##")

I’ve got a feeling that it might be because its encapsulated inside a text formula but that’s mandatory since SUM outputs in $ and I need £ unfortunately.

Hi @JamieA-AI !

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It looks like based on your formula you could be missing some “,” between the {column} elements. I also have been seeing that the text format for numbers normally have “#,###,#00.00”.

I also am not completely sure that I understand the formatting of the number, but if you do go to the bottom of the column in the summary, you are able to change the units there!

Hope this helps!

That’s fixed it, thanks for the information.

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