Formulas - adding formula columns together in a new column

I have 3 formula columns, each calculating a number, which I have formatted using the text(x,"$#,##0.00").
I’d like to add these formula columns together in a 4th formula column ie {formula1}+{formula2}+{formula3}, but this doesn’t work.

  1. Is this because the text function means the value is no longer recognised as a number?
  2. If so, how can I show all formula columns in number format $0.00 and Monday still recognise it as a number?


  1. Yes
  2. I tried using the substitute function but could not get it to remove the “,”.

The easy answer would be to just duplicate the formulas in the fourth column.

Is there a way I can format numbers as $0.00 AND Monday still recognise the field as a number?

Hey @SarahJacobs ,

When you use “text” you are converting the field into a text string so you can no longer add those formulas together. The alternative options are to:

  1. As mentioned by @JCorrell you can simply copy and paste the entire formula into the new field (i.e. replace {formula1} with the entire formula in the formula1 column and then use the Text function as you had before but on the entire set of formulas

  2. This will work if you need the $ but don’t necessarily need the decimals - you can add the $ from the column summary and it will then be added to the entire column:
    Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 16.25.35

Let me know if that helps!