Adding Dollar Sign to formula column

I created a formula column and I want to display the dollar sign in the column. I used the text option for the dollar sign but when I did that, only one of my formula columns worked and the other one is showing an error. Is there a way to automatically have the $ present like I can do with the number column? Thanks your help!

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You can use this function:

Full list of Functions and other formula related info.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you still need help formatting this.


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It look like this post here Adding Dollar Sign to formula column - #2 by andrewalmand might have answered your question, is that correct?

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I am trying to added a dollar sign to my formula, but I am confused with how the TEXT part sits within the formula. My formula is a simple subtraction of two number columns, and I need the result to have a dollar sign. Can someone share with me how I would write this forumula?




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Am I right, that this is only working when using $? It simply removes the currency sign when using €.
How can I use € instead?


When possible, the preferable method is to simply do the required calculation then set the unit by clicking into the column summary (if you don’t have the column summary displayed, add it back temporarily).

This is not always possible. To use TEXT() formatting function with a different currency symbol do something like this:

"€" & TEXT({Num1}-{Num2}, "#,##0.00")

It’s not perfect. The formatting for numeric values in formula columns could do with some upgrades.

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I can live with that. Thank you very much!

Hi, this is my formula IF({Stage} = “Verbal”, SUM({Value}), " ") How would I add the $ to this formula? Thanks.


Here are 2 examples:
IF({Stage} = "Verbal", "$" & SUM({Value}), "")
IF({Stage} = "Verbal", TEXT(SUM({Value}), "$#,##0.00"), "")

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Actually monday has built-in support to show the unit, you don’t need any TEXT in your formula. Just go to the column summary at the bottom and set the unit! It seems like something that should be at the top under column settings, but it is in the footer.




@cberman is correct. That is definitely the preferred method! (As I wrote in the Mar 3 post.)

However, it doesn’t work in every situation.