Currency Column Dropping Trailing Zero

Sorry, this seems like it has to be a repeat but nothing came up in my search. Here’s my issue:

I have a simple number column set to $. When I have a dollar amount that ends in zero, monday is dropping the trailing zero. For instance, if the amount is $99.50 monday shows it as $99.5. Is there a way to make it always show two decimal places?

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Nobody? Seems this should be a common issue?

I’m having this issue as well. I have a formula column that calculates total revenue and 2 decimals is required. ROUND doesn’t work because it drops the trailing zero. Need a solution on this.

To add, using the TEXT string to force the 0 doesn’t work for me either - as it converts the number to string and the data does not show up in my reports.

I use the below which works, but it converts the figure to text which introduces its own issues. Something this basic really should be handled with a server side fix.


If this needs a vote, it has mine, I also find this distracting with the “missing” zero on the end.

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