Delete Portfolios, Edit Project Health (RAG) Labels, Change Project Terminology

  1. Add/fix the ability to delete/archive portfolios.

  2. Add the ability to change the ‘Project Health (RAG)’ column labels (the column can only be renamed/hidden at the moment).

  3. Add the ability to change project terminology in portfolios, so instead of ‘Add project’ and the ‘Project’ name column it could use ‘Employees’, ‘Clients’, ‘Campaigns’ etc.

More details:

  1. At the moment, portfolios created by users cannot be deleted. They can’t even be archived, only if one creates a folder, adds the portfolio to that folder and deletes the folder. I’m pretty sure this is a bug though, but just in case it isn’t, the feature would be good to have so it doesn’t clutter the archive for more important boards.

  2. The ‘Project Health (RAG)’ column in a portfolio can only be renamed/hidden. One cannot edit its labels. This would be good to have for users who want to change the labels from ‘Off track’, ‘At risk’, or ‘On track’, to something else like ‘Not performing’, ‘Live’, etc. Sure, if one doesn’t require it, they can just hide it. However, the filter for this column can still be seen even after hiding the column (the 3 buttons ‘Off track’, ‘At risk’ and ‘On track’ in the top right). I assume this would also involve changing how the Snapshot view behaves for portfolios.

  3. The ability to change project terminology would make it clearer for users who have portfolios for employees, clients, etc. So instead of ‘Add project’ it would say ‘Add employee’ or ‘Add client’. Just like with boards, it’s just nice to have terminology that’s relevant to the user’s work.