Department Budget Board

Recently created a few boards to track department budgets, noticed there wasn’t much on the forums to assist with this. Hopefully this post can help a few of you!

I started by creating 3 boards.

Department Overview
For tracking the high level expenses per department (for my line manager). Linked to each high level department board. A formula column is used to create a benchmark for how much of the allocated budget should have been spent at the current week number.

High Level Budget
This is for each department - in my case Product Development.
In here I track budget line items such as travelling, product testing, consultants etc…
I use a link to the departments Expenditure register and mirror the costs. This way I can track a running total against each budget lines total, helps with creating an dashboard too!

Expenditure Register
This is for each department again.
I track relevant information for the low level entries, such as cost, supplier, invoices/quotes (Files column). I also have it linked to the High level board so when an expense entry is made it can be allocated to a budget line, it then effortlessly flows up through the high level board and even up to the department overview board.

I then decided to go one step further and create automations and a form. Now my team can submit expenses via the form, which creates a new item, this activates an automation which sends me an email.

Wow! This looks great!