Link column totals to tasks on another board

It would be great if we could link column totals (I am thinking of the numbers column) to a task in another board.

So, let’s say you have 4 project boards and each of them has a budget column that displays a total at the bottom of the column.

Then you have a high level project overview board of all the projects taking place.

On that high level board, all 4 projects are lumped into one that captures that project.

It would be great to have the totals of all 4 projects captured against that project in the high level board. That way, you could essentially track actual spend in real-time.

I hope I have explained this clearly. Happy to clarify if need be.


Hey Paul

Thanks for writing in here and welcome to the community!

I love this suggestion and will pass it to our product team for consideration. Are you saying that you’d like the option to automatically populate a cell in a column of your high level board, based on a total from another board’s numbers column?

Would dashboards with numbers widgets to show the actual spend work in this instance instead of your suggestion?

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Hi Julia,

Yes, a dashboard view would work.

But the use case is having a high level project board that reflects budget spent across multiple “lower level” boards. This is a way a number of business units have their boards set up and at the moment, it’s a manual, repetitive and time consuming process to update the high level board with costs from all projects.

Hope I’ve managed to explain this clearly.

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Yes, got it!

Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:


Any update on this?